July 11, 2011

Radio Silence, or A Giant Lack of Words

My daughter is going camping with friends in three days. Ever since this was decided, just yesterday, we have talked about nothing else. No, wait -- SHE has talked about nothing else. For hours, constantly, enthusiastically. Last night, something snapped, and I told her that if she used up all her words now, she'd have nothing to talk about with her friends on the trip.

For a little while anyway, she clammed up.

(Caveat: I love my kid like cake, but she is a major chatterer. And sometimes I wish there really was a Cone of Silence.)

I've been in the same place, sort of. I'm finishing the followup to Cold Kiss, and that's where all my words are. All of them. I actually grunted at my lovely husband this morning when he asked if I wanted breakfast. New Book has taken All the Words.

Which is partly why I haven't been here, blogging and chatting and being social. I have no words! (I borrowed these from the book, and I'm hoping my editor will understand.)

But later this month, it will be two months until the release of Cold Kiss! And I will have things to say, and contests and giveaways to share, and I will have words again. (I hope.) So stay tuned!

And wish me words.

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