About Amy

Bios are surprisingly hard to write, considering no one knows me better than me. But whenever I try it I always sound either completely boring or a little bit unbalanced. Here are a few things you might want to know about me, by the numbers.

1: Husband. I've been told more than one isn't really acceptable. It's a good thing I really like the one I have.

3: Kids. Two boys, one girl, ranging from 21 to 10 as I write this. It's probably best for everyone that I didn't ever have two kids in diapers at the same time.

2: Cats. Even though I'm a really a dog person. (I love them, don't worry. They're curled up on the bed right now, taking up all the room.)

12: Books I've either written, ghostwritten, or participated in. Most of them are romance, sometimes with a mystery twist, and always with a lot of humor. Falling in love is usually pretty funny one way or another.

27.5: Jobs I've had. (I'm making that number up, but if we're counting things like the frozen yogurt place where I worked for six eye-opening days in high school, it's probably somewhere up there.) Highlights: camp counselor, nanny, freelance copy editor, book editor.

3: Average number of books I'm reading at any given time. Some days you need something hearty and full of protein, some days you need a sugary snack.

There's more -- I'm a Whedonverse fan from way back, my latest TV obsession is Supernatural, I'm pretty sure my blood has been replaced by tea, I'd rather watch the remake of Dawn of the Dead than most romantic comedies (but I'll quote The Princess Bride at the drop of a hat), I don't eat enough vegetables, and I will fight for the last piece of cake like someone who should probably be in a padded room -- but those are the basics.

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