May 24, 2011

Not dead.

Yet, anyway. Just busy writing the followup to Cold Kiss, and occasionally with my family, who seem to expect me to interact with them once in a while.

But tomorrow I won't be writing, or taking Barbie clothes away from the cat, or staring into the fridge and wondering why we have no cake. I'll be at Book Expo America!

BEA is the annual industry convention -- publishing's homecoming and coming out party and graduation all rolled into one. Everyone's there -- authors and editors and salespeople and librarians and bloggers and academics. It's a huge book love-in!

Even though I spent a lot of years working as an editor, this will be my first trip to BEA. I'll be signing copies of Cold Kiss with my lovely editor, @ericasussman, and with @jocelyndavies, author of the forthcoming A Beautiful Dark. 

I'm a little bit excited, I have to say. And if my luck is good, I'll be grabbing some giveaways for future contests.

When I'm not impersonating @erin_bowman and @robisonwells, that is.


  1. Hi Amy!

    For some reason it says that I am blocked from following you on Twitter :-( I hope it's just twitter ...



  2. At the RWA conference, they gave away like a zillion books. I just finished reading Cold Kiss and I'm feeling sad, haunted, and also somehow complete. The paranormal element was woven in so naturally and I love how full Wren's life is. The family tension worked beautifully.

  3. Damaris, I think that's fixed now. Don't know what happened there!

    witchhunt, thank you so much! I'm so glad you loved it! It certainly never gets old to hear it!

  4. Hey Amy! I'm dying to read cold kiss. know of anywhere I could get a review copy for my blog?! I love to do positive reviews and promote upcoming authors! =]