May 3, 2011

Sometimes a few words is all it takes.

I'm still deep in writing the follow-up to Cold Kiss, and a lot of the time lately, I've got the brilliant Libba Bray's playlist on. (She's brilliant, trufax, but this is not really a recommended playlist unless you like to tear your hair ou out and rend your clothes.) 

I've been trying not to listen (and to distract myself once in a while with weekly injections of Supernatural, Game of Thrones, and Justified, all of which are fantastic TV, but WOW, not light on the angst, either) and just keep plugging along. And it's working, most of the time. But nothing works better than a few kind words, let me tell you, and DJ from the blog DJ's Life in Fiction sent me some not long ago. 

She's going to post her review closer to Cold Kiss's pub date (just ... counts on fingers ... four months now!), but she told  me I could share a little bit of the review. This is my favorite part: 

"At times, Cold Kiss read as a contemporary novel in the vain of Gayle Forman’s If I Stay. The balance between the paranormal aspect and the realism is wonderfully crafted."

I can't tell you how thrilled I was to hear that. Wren has paranormal powers, sure, but I wanted her to feel real, like a girl you would bump into at school or at the mall, a girl who is as worried about passing trigonometry as she is about handling the magic inside her. I was beaming when I got DJ's email, and when I need another hit, I go back and read it all over again. So go give DJ some love! 

More to come soon, including news about BEA, giveaways, contests, and blog tours. Stay tuned!    


  1. Thanks for sharing and loving my review! I'm so glad you like it!

    By the way, though, I'm a guy, not a girl :-)

  2. Hi Amy- just read Cold Kiss and loved it. Will there be another? :)

  3. Kim, thank you for saying so! There will be another, next fall!