April 21, 2011

Realer and realer ...

Or more real. Whatever. I'm too pleased to worry about grammar today. The book seems real now! (Even if September still seems a world away.)

Look what I have! Beautiful galleys of Cold Kiss, as well as a cover spec for the finished book!

You can see the delicious holographic shimmer on the cover, too!(Also tulips from the backyard, which are also pretty happy-making.)

I'm still furiously writing the next book, but I'm working on a giveaway or two to come very soon ...


  1. Ooooh! So pretty! Congrats on getting your galleys! :)

  2. How lovely!! You must be so excited!! :)

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  4. I can spell, really!

    Anyway, I'm very excited for you. (And I love tulips and have some on my desk at work right now.)

  5. I am excited (and terrified and thrilled and nervous and bouncy and many other things)!

    I'm also extremely grateful that the team at HarperTeen gave me such a beautiful cover for the book.


  6. Hi Amy,

    I'm going to have a mini feature for the month of May to highlight some of the authors attending the Book Expo of America. Would you be willing to participate by answering some questions?

  7. Absolutely, Dark Faerie Tales! Just shout. You can find me at amy dot garvey at gmail dot com.