April 15, 2011

A bad blogger ... with really good news!

I've been so deep in the new book that I'm barely raising my head lately to eat, much less tweet and blog. (An IV made of equal parts tea and cupcakes would be really helpful here, so anyone scientific out there ... get on that.)

But I had to share a piece of exciting news. (Prepare for a Sally Field moment here.) Kirkus reviewed Cold Kiss and really liked it!
To what lengths is it acceptable to go to hold on to someone you love?

Devastated by the premature death of her boyfriend, Wren enlists her natural magical abilities to bring him back—although even Wren has to admit that the Danny she has brought back is only a shadow of what he was in life. Desperate to keep what she has done a secret, Wren is forced to live a double life. ... Her plans are slowly unraveling when she meets Gabriel, a new boy who can read her thoughts and guesses her dark secret. ... Fast-paced and achingly real, this fresh tale hints at the danger that lurks beneath Wren’s spell without veering into the macabre. Driven by her selfish desires both to keep Danny and then to be rid of him, Wren is not a traditional heroine, but her character is ultimately redeemed by her decision to make things right no matter the cost.

A provocative romance rises above zombie conventions. (Fiction. 14 & up)

I'm so thrilled, I've been bouncing ever since my fantastic editor (@ericasussman) shared this with me. Writing is pretty solitary while it's happening, but the finished product is meant for others to read. And it's really hard to know if everyone (or anyone) is going to like what you've done. Reviews, in other words, are a pretty reassuring boost when they're like this one.

So ... I've been boosted! Thank you, Kirkus!

Now to start chewing my nails again and hope readers like Wren and Danny and Gabriel ...

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  1. Yay, congrats! :)
    I'm so excited for Cold Kiss--this review makes me want to read it even more!