October 20, 2011


Last week I traveled to five cities in five days, and you know who I met? READERS. People who love books enough to come out and listen to their authors talk about them. Amazing!

I run into so many people day to day who tell me they don’t read much, outside of the internet or an occasional magazine. I’ve always known those people existed, even if I don’t understand them. (Like, at all.) So last week, the Dark Days book tour with Claudia Gray, Anna Carey, Jocelyn Davies, and Kiersten White, was that much more amazing. Readers, everywhere!

(This is the part where I may gush a little bit.)

It was amazing to meet readers who either had already read or were dying to read Cold Kiss. One reader brought me fan art! Another brought baked goods (many many points to her), and another brought some of my old romances for me to sign! I got to meet other authors, too, Brenna Yovanoff and Sara Ockler, and lots of writers and teachers and librarians.

It was a little like coming home in every new setting. These were my people!

I didn’t count them all, but I was thrilled to meet every one of them. Here are some things I did count, though:

1 nuclear engineer on the flight home (bonus points for that one) 
1 fish in my hotel room in Seattle
roughly 27 young, attractive, mostly blond doormen at the Four Seasons in Denver 
1 body scan  (I wonder if my bones look fat?) 
2 super-secret toilets
2 huge soaking tubs
1 doorman who was a dead ringer for a young Stanley Tucci 
1 forgotten phone charger 
1 replacement phone charger provided by the adorable concierge in Huntington Beach 
1 coat bought in Seattle (who doesn't bring a coat to Seattle, Denver, and Chicago in October? me, that's who) 

Then multiply that by endless cups of tea, bottles of water, and Hershey’s Kisses, and … well, it’s math I can’t do.

Next time: Why Claudia Gray makes me snort water up my nose, Anna Carey’s unbelievable eyes, Kiersten White: tour pro extraordinaire, and making Jocelyn Davies laugh. 


  1. Yay tours! Wish Dark Days was coming to the Northeast. Brenna Yovanoff, how cool is that? You're in good company!
    And yay to fans and readers! My husband isn't a big reader. It's a wonder we get along some times.
    Wishing "Cold Kiss" continued success!

  2. I love getting this peek at your tour experience. It sounds like you guys had a great time and got to meet with some fantastic people! Maybe next time a tour will take you to the north east and I can get my copy of Cold Kiss signed :)

  3. I had such a great time at the Tattered Cover Event in Colorado. I loved hearing about The inspiration behind Cold Kiss and getting my copy sighed. Thanks for such an awesome time! Unfortunately Colorado is cold in October, wish it weren't.

  4. I keep forgetting you can't reply to individual comments here! Oh, Blogger. Get with it.

    Tour was a whirlwind. But I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Really fun.

  5. I had a great time at the Boulder event! Thank you again for coming out here!:)