October 5, 2011

Live! On TV! I mean, the Internet!

These days, it's almost the same thing, right?

Not that I ever wanted to be on TV. I'm one of those writers who created the cliche -- unless I have to be otherwise, I'm generally in my most comfortable clothes, with no makeup on, and squinting into middle distance because I forgot to put in my contacts and don't remember where my glasses are. Writing = NOT a performance art.

Of course, some authors are fantastic at speaking! Some of them deserve their own talk shows. Some of them have them! (Hello, Garrison Keillor.)

I, on the other hand, am a rambler. A babbler. The kind of person who should use note cards, if not a teleprompter, or at least some kind person off to the side who could poke me from time to time to stay on topic.

All of which is a really long, rambling (see?!) way to tell you that I'm going to be chatting live with the other Pitch Dark authors tomorrow at 5 p.m. So you can see for yourself how rambly and ridiculous I can be!

Follow the link for all the info you need to tune in.

I may even do my nails beforehand.

1 comment:

  1. Amy, good luck on your "TV" appearance!

    I just read Cold Kiss and loved it. Thanks for writing it. Here's my review:)