September 12, 2011

What's my name again?

I'm finishing revisions on the followup to Cold Kiss, doing a million other kid and house things, and coming off a weekend which included my oldest son's birthday and the sad anniversary of 9/11. I'm surprised I do remember my name, much less how to blog.

But so much is going on! The Dark Days blog tour started, and a copy of Cold Kiss (plus a short manuscript critique from me!) is being auctioned at the Read For Relief site, with all proceeds going to aid the Red Cross with victims of Hurricane Irene. (My fantastic, super-smart, adorable-as-hell editor Erica Sussman is also up for auction! Well, not her, but a critique from her. I think her husband and her cute dog would like to keep her.)  

And there's a Dark Days trailer on YouTube! The Dark Days site has all of the tour information for next month, too. Check it out on Facebook. I'm going to five cities! FIVE. That's so weird and cool, I'm not sure I really believe it yet, to be honest.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, since I forgot to put my kid to bed last night, and found her passed out with a book on the floor of her room. Did I mention I'm also up for Mother of the Year? BECAUSE I TOTALLY AM.

Stay tuned for another giveaway, a final teaser before the book comes out a week from tomorrow (I really don't believe that, even though I have all those gorgeous books right here next to me), and more fun stuff in the next few weeks.

First, though, more caffeine. Chocolate has caffeine in it, right? (I'm going to go with YES.)


  1. You are totally winning Mother of the Year. Who cares that you forgot to put your little one to bed. You found her with a book in hand. A book! What better way to pass out? ;)

    And thanks again, so much, for donating to Read for Relief.

  2. You bet chocolate has caffeine in it! I have to eat chocolate every day.

    I really enjoyed meeting you, Amy. My review of your book posts on Friday the 16th at My Brain on Books. And we'd still love to have you do a signing.