September 19, 2011

Tomorrow's the big day!

So today I am, of course, holed up on the bed with quilt and laptop, watching reruns of the S7 So You Think You Can Dance auditions on Ovation.


I'm trying to catch up on stuff, too -- emails, blog entries (hey, I can check that off!), laundry, and a million things that sort of got ignored while I was in the last death throes stages of revisions for the follow-up to Cold Kiss. Which comes out tomorrow! TOMORROW!

It's so unbelievable to finally say that. The day my wonderful editor offered for the book, hearing "Fall 2011" sounded like eons away. And now it's here! In stores! Online! With a cover and reviews and everything!

Feelings about this in random order:


pure joy


jittery, bone-shaking nerves


an incredible need to eat chocolate, and/or cake, or maybe both

Toss in some exhaustion, and I think that covers it.

And it doesn't stop there. I'm going on tour next month, and I'm all over the internet on a blog tour, and I'm hoping to set up some local appearances, too. All to celebrate a book I never thought I would actually get to write, about a girl who raises her boyfriend from the dead.

Incredible. There's another word for today.


  1. Yipeee! Congrats, Amy. Can't wait to head to the bookstore this week and pick up my glorious hardcover edition :)

  2. Congrats again on the pub day! Excited to see the Goodreads trend for Cold Kiss. And UBER excited about this sequel you keep mentioning!