March 1, 2011

Not *exactly* a day to celebrate ...

On this day in 1692,  Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne and Tituba were brought before local magistrates in Salem Village, Massachusetts, beginning the Salem witch trials. (Um, see post title.)

But today also marks just about six months from the release of Cold Kiss! And if anyone could be accused of witchcraft, it's Wren Darby.

Not that she thinks of herself as a "witch." Magic isn't quite that simple or clear-cut in Wren's world, and when the book opens, she's still figuring out what she can and can't do, and why.

Which is a dangerous thing when you're grieving the death of the first boy you ever loved ...

(How's that for a teaser? More to come, when I'm not a) hacking my brains out, b) longing for a NYC bagel, and c) furiously writing the next book about Wren ... )

Someone's going to arrest me for parentheses abuse, aren't they?


  1. Parenthetical abuse pretty much guarantees our friendship, actually.

    Can't wait for Cold Kiss!

  2. That's reassuring (by which I mean great) to know (although I need to hear your stance on commas) ...

  3. Cold Kiss sounds fabulous!! I'm officially blog stalking you!! This is too big to miss! Fantastic blog!

  4. Parenthesis abuse? That's not abuse.

    Besides, Parenthesises are of the good. And should be.. wait for it... ((((((((((embraced)))))))))).

    (But, parenthetically we could talk about speling :)

  5. Jen, I am surprisingly okay with blog stalking. ;-) I'll try to be stalk-worthy.

    Julie, to you I have nothing to say but *smootch*.