February 10, 2011

Song of the day

I love this band. Their ridiculous name (Panic! at the Disco), their schizophrenic musical influences (the first album was techno-pop-cabaret or something, and the second was a fanboy's love letter to the Beatles), and their adorable lead singer, who I think might secretly be a Muppet and clearly needs to star on Broadway in something.

This is their new single; their new album is due out March 29. I can't stop listening to it! The song's sound is what I think a guy in Spin called "baroquetronica" and the video is all steampunky and Victoriana and absurd.

I'm suddenly very sad that the book I'm working on right now isn't set in some alternate 1890 where everyone has a steam-powered bustle and a cog phone in their buttoned boot and stuff.

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