July 16, 2010

Okay, it's not lunch. But it's better!

I love music. LOVE. I can never have enough music. I'm always looking for new bands or catching part of a song on TV and scrambling to Google it. I finally realized the other day that the song in the Bravo commercial was new Macy Gray, after two weeks of humming along.

So what I also love is Amazon's free MP3 of the day. Which is often more than just one song -- today I snagged a song called "Heart to Tell" by the Love Languages, and also a whole sampler album by the Benjy Davis Project, which the interwebs is a cool indie/college circuit band (and which, you know, also sounded really good -- sort of like Jason Mraz if he'd spent a little time in Alabama or something).  

And it's FREE. (I mentioned it's free, right? Free! This amazes me.) So there's no guilt -- if I don't love it, or even like it much, I don't have to feel guilty about the $10 or whatever that could have been used on a book, or new nail polish, or even my kids' college funds (cough--badmom--cough).

This is probably where I should admit that iTunes and I had a brief and very stormy relationship, and it ... didn't end well. We still don't talk. And I use Amazon for a lot of things, even though I know Amazon has some issues and is another big corporate behemoth. When I can shop at an indie bookstore (or an indie anything store, really), I do. But when you live in the boonies and you don't even have a Trader Joe's or an Ulta (sob), sometimes you do what you have to do.

ANYWAY. My point is (was) that you can sample free tunes on Amazon! And I think that's cool, so I wanted to share.

Now you can all point out how I am, probably, the last person to realize this and make fun of me. It's okay. I don't mind. 

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