September 10, 2012

So not worthy.

People (wonderful people) have been talking about Glass Heart for weeks, and I've been where? Head down in a new project, and reading a couple books that I absolutely could not put down, and getting the kids (and me) back into the school routine. I forgot how much I love walking my kid to the bus early in the morning. ::stares::

Today is also my oldest kid's twenty-first birthday. This is a little more sobering than I thought it would be, to be honest. But I made him his favorite, an angel food cake which will have strawberry buttercream icing in a little while. And, they tell me, this is the correct way to cool the cake ...

I've also started posting (pinning?) on Pinterest, which is so far not quite as addictive as Tumblr, but it's getting there. And Glass Heart has a board all its own on Pinterest! It's been really fun to find photos that shout "Glass Heart" to me.

Speaking of which, Glass Heart is coming out a week from tomorrow! If you've been waiting to find out what happens to Wren next, this is your chance. It was a blast to dive into her life again, and this book took me places I never thought either of us would go. I hope you all like the result.

For now, here's a teaser:

It’s tempting to crawl into bed and close my eyes. If I do, I’ll imagine what Gabriel and I could have been doing if he had come home with me, but that seems a little pathetic. Like one step away from doodling his name on my notebook in sparkly pen and practice-kissing the back of my hand.
     And I’m trying to sensible about this. Or at least not completely crazy. But Gabriel is pretty crazy-worthy, if that makes sense.
     He’s beautiful, for one thing, although I know boys hate to be called that. I could look at him for hours, his soft gray eyes and the long lines of his body, the birthmark I found on the right side of his neck, a dark fleck shaped like a crescent moon.
     But it’s not even how cute he is. It’s stupid stuff, like the way he bites his bottom lip when he’s reading. And stretches his legs way out in front of him, ankles crossed, sunk back into the sofa when he’s really concentrating on something he’s watching on TV. The way he lets Mr. Purrfect climb onto his lap and sniff his T-shirt and knead his chest, even when he’s trying not to sneeze.
     I sit up and groan. This is even worse than doodling Gabriel’s in sparkly marker. 

But let's be honest here, who hasn't done that at least once? Stay tuned for more teasers ... 


  1. How the summer flew! Yay fall and new book releases!

    1. It really, really did. And yes, yay! (Especially for cooler weather, I have to say ...)

  2. I can't wait for Glass Heart. I hope you had a great summer. I hope we can catch up soon.

  3. I too am excited for fall, cooler weather (I'm a New Englander living in NC), and your book!

    I currently only have one kid and she'll be 6 in October and that is enough to make me weep - I can't even imagine 21! Good luck with that :)