November 7, 2011

It's November 7 already?!

This is part of why I don't do NaNoWriMo, folks. I think it's a great idea (although I would argue that November is a crazy month to do it, leading into the holidays), but it's not really for me. I was going to start blogging as a NaNo-adjacent person (cheerleader, dubious voice of wisdom and encouragement, all around writing of any kind enthusiast) on the first of the month.

Yeah, that didn't happen. In my defense, I have this thing where you start new projects on Mondays or it feels wrong. Which is either my brain's way of procrastinating just a little bit longer, or ... just plain crazy.

Anyway! I've been watching the NaNo participants cheering each other on, settling down at their desks and/or keyboards, and making those words come, and I love it. Thinking about people all over the world, all doing the same thing, furiously typing, is pretty cool, you have to admit. As a friend of mine says, sometimes just doing it is the biggest problem, and getting out of your own way is pretty key. When you're working toward a lengthy word goal in one month, there's not a lot of time to ponder and self-edit and freeze up, right?

What I have planned to do (for the rest of the month anyway) is to blog every day. Might be long, might be short, but I could use some discipline myself, and this way I can feel (a little bit) like I know what you're all going through.

I have some interviews with writers and editors planned,  some posts about the nuts and bolts of writing itself, and -- this is the fun news -- some director's cut scenes from Cold Kiss. Scenes that didn't make it into the book, and some all-new scenes, some from Danny's point of view, and some from Gabriel's!

(Okay, I admit it, I miss them all, so revisiting them is really just me clinging and hating to say good-bye, but that doesn't mean you all can't enjoy it, right?)

Stay tuned. And if I don't post tomorrow, someone smack me. Virtually, anyway.


  1. Yay, further NaNoWriMo support from afar. Every good vibe helps. :-) I agree that I think NaNoWriMo should be in February or maybe June or perhaps March. The last quarter of the year always, always proves to be too hectic.

    Happy BloWriMo (Blog Writing Month)! Hope you're able to get in all the posts and I'm very excited to read them. Especially "Cold Kiss" cuts. They're great characters so I could understand missing them when all is said and done. I keep wondering if I'll feel the same way once I finish my respective projects. Been living with my story collection for almost four years! That's high school right there. Craziness.

    Happy writing/blogging!

  2. It's such a weird month to pick, even for college-age people, I think. Semester's winding down, but exams are coming up ... I just don't get it.

    I can't wait to get the Cold Kiss "cuts" out there. So much fun to revisit them all. And I'd LOVE to write a short story collection. Does it tell one story, or are they all distinct?

  3. My collection centers around a family over a few generations. So various people tell stories in different POVs. Eight in total. At first I thought it was going to be easier than writing a novel. Shot myself in the foot with that one. Way to be a newbie to the writing game, Jenn. But it's fun. You should definitely do a collection. There aren't enough YA collections out there or story collections in general, I think.

    Keenly waiting for "Cold Kiss" cuts. I was excited to hear during the video with your editor that the sequel may delve more into Wren's sister discovering her gift. Can't wait, can't wait!

  4. Most of my very early writing was short stories, and I had a cycle of stories that I loved. I have no idea where it is now. ;-)

    I'd love to put together an anthology with other authors, too. I adore short stories, and there just aren't enough of them anymore.