August 24, 2011

It's still August, right?

This has been the busiest month I can remember in ... a long time. I turned in the followup to Cold Kiss, then my son's best friend was here for a week. Then we had torrential rains and water dripping through the light switch in the kitchen, which is very much Not a Good Thing. My grandmother died, my brother went through a really hard time, and all of a sudden we're scrambling to get everyone ready to go back to school.

Some days I just want to curl up with a Project Runway marathon and Pirate Booty and a giant Hershey bar. Or two. But in the background of all that has been the incredible support I've found online and in person for the coming release of Cold Kiss. 

It's still a little unreal to me that so many people are excited about the book, and that people who have already read it have liked it! It seems like forever ago that my agent called to tell me HarperTeen was interested, and now we're just weeks away from Cold Kiss on shelves. In actual bookstores! Not just the ones in my imagination!  And I'm going on tour, with four fabulous authors. Tour! That's, like, rock star stuff. I'm still not sure I actually believe that one.

And with that rambling lead-in, I do have another giveaway to announce! It's easy, too. Simply take a look at my last post  and leave me a comment (including your email address) telling me something you're excited for in the weeks to come. Doesn't matter what -- it could be a new flavor of Ben and Jerry's, or the next full moon, or Robert Pattinson actually turning into a vampire. Just tell me something that's going to make you happy.

Leave comments on that post, and on Saturday morning, I'll announce the winner of a signed galley of Cold Kiss, and a few special extras. I'll get in touch with the winner personally via email.

One note: U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY, please. Sorry about that, international friends, but I didn't know I'm not supposed to send galleys out of the country. Oops.

So enter! And tell your friends! And if you have extra Pirate Booty or Hershey bars, you know where to send them...


  1. Oh! Oh! Is "A Kiss to Wake You" (listed on Goodreads) the title of the "Cold Kiss" follow up? So curious. Just finished "Cold Kiss" and enjoyed it. Appreciated that it was an emotional rollercoaster and not necessarily hi-fi action in the end for Wren.

  2. No! That is, I believe, a short story I wrote a while back. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to reveal the title of Cold Kiss's sequel yet, either! I'll have to ask my editor.

  3. Either way looking forward to what the follow up entails. I'm sure "Cold Kiss" will be a hit!
    Oh, and curling up with Hershey's & Pirate's Booty & watching Project Runway sounds like the day! Man, I miss that show. I'll have to have said goods on hand if you visit my area on your tour.

  4. Thanks! I certainly hope so. ;-)